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I think that this essay is only a piece of the total package The project itself and documentation of it, along with the Review Board interviews probably account for more. I wouldn't worry about having the perfect statement--just one that reflects how he feels about what it all means to him.

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It is probably something the members of the Board of Review will ask him about, so he should think about how he will expand on it if they ask him questions. The vast majority of Eagle Boards are very positive and friendly, so unless there is some problem with his record, he should have a good experience. Thanks so much, everyone. Troop leadership could care less if he has Asperger's. For years, his dad had to come along on all camp outs to prevent the other boys from teasing and bullying him.

Adult troop leadership had a "boys will be boys" attitude.

The "new guard" parents of the younger scouts is a lot more with it, helpful and senstive I have every confidence that the current scoutmaster will delay and delay my son until everything is perfect in his eyes. It's been such a struggle and I am SO pushing my son to get it done! It is my observation that once the project and all the other other requirements are done, ALL Scouts have to be pushed to get the application paperwork done.

What's the saying? On the back of every Eagle Scout, you will find his mother's footprint. Well, in our family it was my Vibram-soled bootprint, but you have it pretty close. The trick is to make sure that you use just the boot, but don't do the work. As for the statement of life purpose, it's not a huge deal. Just make sure junior puts in some positive-aspiration stuff the Eagle board can chat with him about.

Unless your son pulls a knife on the board or suddenly turns really stupid, the Board of Review is pleasant rite of passage, not an ordeal. I can still get tears in my eyes thinking of how the board members shook my hand and told me that we had raised a fine young man. I sure hope you're right, WashDad! The Council guy my that my son and I went to talk to made it sound like the Inquisition; he emphasized that that the outcome was not always positive.

Hope he was just trying to scare my son into doing a good job. I truly believe that if you are an adult with a shred of humanity or sense of humor, our Council does not permit you to take a leadership role. Pity the boy who has to look to these guys as their male role models. It is most likely that if he has fulfilled all the requirements for Eagle Scout project, merit badges, positions of responsibility, etc.

If and this is a remote if he "fails" for some vague or bogus reason, he can appeal to National, and they will almost always overrule the Board unless there is something serious. And by serious, I mean something like a criminal record, or the boy stating to the Board that he is an atheist. My son started with the troop becaase his best friend from Elem school went to that church and joined that troop.

Two other guys their age from their school also joined there. For about the first year and a half I was in a fog with respect to advancement. He didn't get any blue cards; I didn't ask and the troop didn't encourage. I finally woke up and educated myself. The troop's position has been that you get your merit badges at Merit Badge College and summer camp. They play dodgeball at troop meetings. Why didn't we leave? Since my son has Asperger's, he has difficulty making friends.

We didn't want him to leave a place where he had buddies he had known since kindergarten. The one guy who went to that church quit after a year or two, but his other kindergarten buddies are still in the troop and they helped with his Eagle Project!

How To Write The Eagle Statement of Ambitions

It was touching. The new guard of parents is horrified that there are 17 year old scouts in the troop whe have never missed a campout or troop meeting, yet only have a first class rank. I predict that next year there will be a BIG shift in power for the better in the troop. Oh, Hunt, a million thanks for the hint to not mention atheism! I'm excited because things are coming together for my son and his project. There is a chance he'll actually get done this summer! I stay out of the whole Scout thing in our family -- which is why it's not done by now.

But I guess I should educate myself about at least the process. Aren't I supposed to get the president to send him a letter or something????? Just a further word about atheism: it is possible that somebody on the Board will ask about a boy's religious beliefs, or how he exhibits "reverence" in his daily life.

BSA recognizes any religion, of any denominiation, and even if it's very vague. About the only thing that will create a problem is a clearly expressed adherence to atheism. Of course, if a boy really is an atheist, he may have to deal with the consequences of that. But if he's able to say that he believes in a higher power, even if he can't define exactly what it is, and that he shows "reverence" by, for example, acting morally, or taking care of the earth, he will be ok. I think he'll be able to handle it.

Because of who we, his parents, are he's been exposed to a wide range of religions, but we don't regularly attend any single church. But I'll make sure he is prepared for that kind of question. Is this Board of Review people from our troop, or strangers? Everyone in our troop knows where we depart from Scout philosophy and still love us. And they'd never hold our views against our perfectly wonderful son. But, truthfully, our troop is a bunch of renegades anyway -- we actually have a kid with two moms, so, yeah, our troop tends to downplay much of what might be considered "traditional" Scouting, if you know what I mean.

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Thanks for that link. He'll flip if I request a letter from George Bush, so I might wait on that until the fall and get the incumbent Dh and son have some kind of Eagle binder with lots of info, I just haven't looked through it.

Personal Statement for USNA | United States of America Service Academy Forums

He's getting excited about his project and, since he can't take summer classes this year, I'm hoping to get it behind us before the grind of junior year. Eagle Boards are run differently in different places. In many places, nobody on the Board will know your son at all. I will suggest to you that the Eagle Board is probably not the place to air your family's disagreement with BSA on religion and homosexuality.

The Board won't ask about your views, but they may ask about his, especially about religion. If he says he doesn't believe in God at all, they may reject him, and he won't win that appeal, either. If a scout says that he's gay, that would also cause him to be rejected, by the way. There are lots of people inside and outside of Scouting who disagree with these and other policies, but BSA is free to manage its own membership as it wishes.

Some of the most well-known eagle scouts include film producer and director Steven Spielberg, astronaut Neil Armstrong, and President Gerald Ford. Eagle scouts have given a tremendous amount of time volunteering in the United States, with more than 2 million individuals earning the rank and each of them required to complete a community service project.

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Having already fulfilled the requirements to earn 21 badges in order to qualify as an applicant to the Eagle Scout level, boys know that becoming an Eagle Scout will require much time and dedication to maintain their elite status. Recommendations that affirm a scout's character are an integral part of the application process.

Eagle Scouts are expected to live up to the values and morals espoused in the Boy Scout oath and law. When an Eagle Scout applicant provides strong letters of recommendation, it supports his candidacy to become an Eagle Scout to the Eagle board of review. All prospective Eagle Scouts must supply five character references as part of their applications. Asking for a letter of recommendation can be a daunting task, but it's important that scouts make the requests themselves. Feeling confident enough to request support from someone he looks up to is an important trait for any scout, but especially an Eagle Scout.

Requests should be made in person if possible, and thank you notes should be promptly written after receipt of the recommendation. Before asking individuals to write a letter of recommendation for the Eagle Scout application, consider who might know your son well and be able to speak to his character. The letters of recommendation should include:. Once the references have agreed to supply the letters of recommendation, the letters are mailed directly to the troop.

Your son should supply stamped envelopes addressed to his troop's unit chairman or whichever adult has been designated to receive them. As an applicant's parents, you also need to write a letter of recommendation. In your letter, you can speak to your son's character, explain what scouting has meant to him, add any insights about why he chose his particular Eagle project, and supply supporting examples for your reference letter points.

The Eagle project and collecting letters of recommendation can require time. Be mindful of the required timeline to submit the application and the letters of recommendation, and plan your recommendation letter requests with plenty of time to meet the deadline.