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Taking into account the very existence and significance of the In this study, the industrial policies of Argentina and Turkey in the post crisis are analyzed from a comparative perspective. Yet, base politics has received rather limited attention from IR scholars to date.

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South Korea and Turkey In the last several decades, the discipline of International Relations IR has been problematized because of its limitations in engaging with non-core actors. A burgeoning literature in IR has underscored that the prevalent Although power is one of the central concepts of International Relations, it is obvious that there is lack of consensus on what the concept means. As a result, there are many power conceptualizations today circulating in Turkish and European representations of the Syrian refugees: political leverage vs.

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The topic of this dissertation is the alliances of a regional power. The framework used to explain this central aspect of International Relations is the realist one, and particularly the work of the Classical Realist Arnold This thesis analyses the subject of energy security within the context of the European Community. Energy security as a concept may be seen as the threats facing a state, measurable, in this instance, by the level of oil This thesis explores the progress of contemporary republican theory from its civic roots to its modern conception.

Republicanism is a paradigm of liberty, and the transformation of this theory of liberty from concepts of This thesis seeks to provide a theoretical reasoning through which the political economic background of the post-Soviet transformation could be observed.

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The argument commences with a critique of the perspectives derived Data and information of the highest quality are critical to understanding and countering acts of terrorism. As a tool, database technologies are becoming integral to the field of terrorism studies.

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The intelligence Alison University of St Andrews , - Thesis. The assessment is carried out by delineating the developments and changes in relevant EU policies through the years using This is an examination of a neglected class of relations that have become more common after the Cold War, those between the United Nations and sub-State insurgent groups.

This relationship has changed significantly after Students secure a first reader from the list of faculty teaching in the program. The first reader assists in choosing a dissertation topic.

Dissertations | Department of Political Science | University of Washington

Once the topic is decided, the student and the first reader choose a second reader. The first task is to prepare and defend a dissertation prospectus that includes a title, abstract with a scope and objectives, the questions to be answered or the hypotheses to be tested, indication of the major sources and methods to be employed, and a tentative outline and bibliography. The prospectus should be a working plan rather than a substantial introduction to the topic.

Once the prospectus has been approved by both readers, students defend the prospectus before the dissertation committee.

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The dissertation committee includes the two readers, all faculty from the Department of Political Science and International Relations, and at least one faculty member from another academic department. Students defend their prospectus orally before the dissertation committee on campus in exceptional cases the defense can be online. A typical dissertation should be at least pages in length and should make an original contribution to the international relations field.

The dissertation process ends with the successful defense of the work before the dissertation committee.

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